Corporate Fashions Infrastructure

Corporate Fashions has an excellent garment production unit which is well designed with ample workspace, adequate natural lighting and extensive ventilations. CF in-house garment production facility is well equipped with latest state of the art machinery in fabric cutting, fusing, sewing, finishing & packing, resulting in better quality & higher efficiency in productivity. Every style is time & method engineered to improve productivity & achieve delivery deadlines

Our Machine & Infrastructure

  • Sampling Designing Room
  • Automat CAD- Gerber Technology
  • 500 Zuki/ High lead Single Needle Sewing Machines (Including 200 UBT machine)
  • Ramsons Fabric checking machines
  • Bend knife machine
  • Auto Pocket weld machines (lock stitch)
  • Automatic button attach machine
  • Kansai loop making machine
  • Feed of the arm machines
  • 5 thread & 3 thread over lock machines
  • Blind stitch machines for loop making, waistband attaching & bottom hemming
  • Single needle chain stitch machine
  • Tandem needle chain stitch
  • Macpi legger & topper for automatic ironing and finishing
  • Macpi Foam Finisher
  • Ramsons finishing plant (22 tables along with stain removing machine)
  • In House Ramsons Washing plant (All type of washing) - Drum Washer with 200 kg, 110 kg, 55 kg respectively, Tumbler dryer- 160 KG and Hydro Extractor- 60 kg.
  • In House High Speed SOURER AMAYA OS - Single head 2 machines and 12 head 2 Embroidery machines with "Design Shop" software to ensure desired effects and finish.
  • In House Printing facility